Terra Technica 2017

Manifesting the opportunities of technology and innovation, and prioritising the need to extend the same, the National Institute of Technology Delhi inherently presents its second technical festival, the TerraTechnica’17. Conveying the sole motivation of continuous and cumulative importance of technology and its attributes in the developing scenario of the nation, TerraTechnica’17 tends to strengthen the role of engineering applications and its utilisation. The fest renders the bright minds of the country an opportunistic potential to evolve their technical skills, combined with the notion of emerging at the pole position in the competitive environments. It enunciates itself as the learning grounds for proper conceptual vision, developmental ideas, establishing a foreground for technical and engineering applications, and their achievability. In addition, TerraTechnica’17 also prioritises the absolute growth of the visual modality of the participants to intensify the scope of nurturing. An inspiration amalgamating with the spark of an idea embarks the inception of the new technology – TerraTechnica’17 (the clique of techies).

Tech Club - Iota

Advocating the sense of technological advancements, and rendering the required ideological visions to the students of the college, the Tech Club of NIT Delhi, Iota, has come up as a fundamental and significant club of the institution. Constituting members from all the branches and years, the club aims at nurturing the technical skills of the students by organising various competitions, workshops, guest lectures, competitions and other events. Iota has also brought up the tech fest of the college, TerraTechnica. With TerraTechnica’17, the club seeks to present to the students new opportunities in the engineering dimensions combined with the inculcation of brighter and broader ideas, and help them interact with the students of other colleges as well.