To design and construct a remote controlled robot capable of fighting a one on one tournament/Robowar


Weapon Systems

Robots can have any kind of cutters, flippers, saws, hammers, lifting devices etc. as weapons, with the following exceptions:

  • Liquid projectiles.
  • Acid based Weapons.
  • EMP generators
  • Any kind of flammable liquid.
  • Flame-producing weapons.
  • Any kind of explosive material.
  • Nets, glue or any other entanglement devices
  • High power magnets or electromagnets, Radio jammers.
  • Pneumatic weapons.


Arena should be hexode (2m x 2m x 2m) in shape open from top & one entry gate will be present for placing bot in it. Wall will be of net which is clearly visible from outside. Participants keep in mind that wire should be sufficient. Exact arena will opened at the time of event.

Batteries and Power

  • Batteries must be sealed, immobilized electrolyte types (gel cells, lithium, NiCad, or dry cells).
  • The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not be more than 24V DC at any point of time. On board power supply of 24V DC will be provided. The teams can also use their own power supply.

Game Rules

NOTE: Co-ordination Committee reserves the right to add or update rules.

Criteria for Victory

  • A robot that is deemed unsafe by the judges after the beginning the match will be disqualified and therefore declared the loser.
  • The match will be immediately halted and the opponent will be awarded a win.
  • Points will be given on the basis of aggression and damage.

General Rules


Suraj Agarwal

Gaurav Chaudhary